Hernic Ferrochrome (Pty) Ltd is the world’s 4th largest integrated ferrochrome producer based in the North West Province, South Africa. It is located in a part of the western limb of the Bushveld Complex which is one of the world‘s largest chrome ore deposits. Hernic operates 4 furnaces, including the largest ferrochrome furnaces in the Southern Hemisphere.

Ferrochrome, also known as charge chrome, is an essential ingredient in producing stainless and specialty steels. Ferrochrome increases mechanical properties and corrosion resistance.

With the support of its majority Shareholder, Mitsubishi Corporation of Japan, Hernic is well positioned to participate in the expected world growth in the stainless steel industry, and yet, Hernic is striving for more than corporate success. Giving back to the community, protecting the environment, and taking care of its people are key values driving the company’s strategy.

Hernic is the pioneer in the conversion of semi-closed/open furnaces to closed furnace technology. This conversion brings many benefits, including a reduction in particulate matter in atmospheric emissions, better thermodynamic efficiencies and a better work environment for personnel.

With the support from Mitsubishi Corporation, Hernic will grow from strength to strength.

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